The New Garden Project

Recently  we bought a new property including 10.500 square meters land (there are a house as well). First time we went to see the property I got a feeling that this was just the right place for moving on with the “lifetime gardening project”. Luckily my partner also felt something good about this place, so December 1st 2017 we got key to our new house and what I believe will be our final garden project. My interests within gardening has changed as the years has passed by. I’ve been into quite many topics, from fuchsias to high altitude alpines. Well, alpines has been around for quite many years now, and will probably follow me all the way.

The core idea with this new project is in many ways doing the opposite of what we’ve been doing the past 46 years (I started at the age of 7). Up to this point we’ve brought plants that belongs in nature, into our different garden constructions. While now we will try our best to keep most of the property as natural as possible, and bring plants into a more natural habitat. Of course we have to make adjustments, but that should not be so visible when we walk in this new “garden”. For this project we have about 10.500 m2 (2,6 acre) to play with. We have decided to give priority to Sino-Himalayan plants, but of course there will be other plants as well. But we will try our best to live up to the principle; “less & more”, meaning LESS species but MORE of each. To get started we will have to remove some of the existing vegetation to let in some more light, furter we need to plant in quite a large amount of smaller trees and shrubs to achieve the scenery we want. Last, but not the least – we need to find some effective ways to protect plants from roe deer and moose – there are plenty of them in our area.


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